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Once upon a time a powerful yet simple tool was made to help Storytellers, having fun and focusing on their stories...

Writing stories with multilinear dialogues, managing characters, in-game interactions and tens of other features is not the work of an imaginary tool: Narratreeve is the perfect solution for narrative content developing.


Product Overview

Narratreeve is the professional handy editor for interactive content writing and management, a single web-based software, designed by game developers for game writers, languages translators and for everyone need a flexible cooperative application to integrate with game engine like Unity and Unreal.

Narratreeve is not a just another tool to design multilinear dialogues to use in your game: it is a complete solution to design and manage interactions, game mechanics, text translations, assets and events that will be used inside your engine of choice.


Narratreeve is a web-based software, that means there is no need to install any program or download anything, just open a browser, log in your account and start working on your cloud project. Different users with different purpose and privilege can access the same project, let’s say your are working on a complicate story while the translator starts working on the dialogues, the illustrator is reading the characters descriptions  and the game designer checks the flow of the interaction, all in the same environment, with few clicks to reach any object. 


Store your assets and manage them easly. All the data are accessible in a visual environment

Access to your projects everywhere thanks to the cloud storage

Team working with a non-descructive workflow, allow different users to access your projects with different privileges

Design your story thinking at the player interaction using events, variables, complex nested choices

Build your characters and environments adding pics, background stories and custom features to use in your product

Integrate content into your game easly, Narratreeve exports a common file format easy to understand based on Javascript’s notation

Attach images, movie clips, audio files to story events to show them during the game

An alert system will check for narrative nodes errors,  a version control system will prevent any project and assets loss

No coding required to use Narratreeve environment for creating contents. It is also very easy to export your project to be used by programmers inside a game engine

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